Currently down, will be right back up is down right now, explanation soon to follow. Will be up in a few minutes, and faster than ever.
Ok, now while the new DNS entries are distributed, let me quickly explain what happened: I was planning the perfect transition to a new, better host, Mosso/Slicehost/Rackspace. It was scheduled for today, since I have payed my old host for a period that ends today. Not yesterday, I have payed for a year on the 18th of April last year. So my old host apparently decides to drop my account one day early. Well, this means that I have to use yesterday’s database backups. Everything from then on is lost, I’m sorry about that. Also, we have this stupid downtime. Apologies for that, too. But there is hope: I have tried the site on the new server, and it’s much faster. It is probably also going to be less expensive for me. To conclude, there is a ton of other reasons to favor Mosso over Hostingrails, but I wont go into all the dirty details. Just trust me. Or ask me.


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